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The beginning

Hello everyone, Hope all is well in the world. I am new to this blog stuff and figured what the heck, I can’t succeed or get better unless I just jump in and do it. So here I am, starting my blog. Here I will discuss many topics and categories and various different activities. My interests are very broad and so my blog will be as well. I don’t want to limit myself or my readers. You will see stuff covering medical, education, survival, homesteading, crafting, homemade goods, cooking, and so much more.

However, for my first blog here I just want to briefly introduce myself. I am a mother of two rambunctious boys and the wife of an amazing man. Personally I struggle with Bi-polar, depression, anxiety, and OCD so you will see those topics a lot here. I will discuss personal things as well as non personal. I am an entrepreneur at heart, I love trying new things and finding my own way. Currently I am working on the beginning stages of my at home business; Love, Peace, & Accessories. I will be making custom jewelry, T-shirts, macramé, crotchet, photography, and possibly more one day. My goal is to one day be living as self sufficient as legally possible and off of the land, I want to improve and extend my homestead but that will come with time.

Most of my hobbies include spending time with my family, fishing, hunting, camping, 4-wheeling, horse back riding, homesteading, gardening, writing, crafting, pool, bowling, bike rides, hiking, and so much more. Anything outdoors really and I am all set. If anyone has a topic suggestion that they would like to read about and do not see often please let me know. I love learning new things and discovering new things even if it is just new to me, I will definitely take topic requests. At heart I am truly a meat eating tree hugging hippie, I will promote a lot of love and peace but at the same time you will see survival stuff as well. This blog will be factual, it will be opinionated, and it will be real; this is not for the closed minded, the negative, or the judgmental. You will see tough topics discussed here, but they will be covered respectfully and truthfully.

Love & Peace to all