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Rat race life

I have had business on the brain a lot more lately with trying to get my at home business up and running and I got to thinking about how nice it would be to just live life, enjoy life, explore, go on adventures, do what you wanted when you wanted to do it, and just truly be free without the stress of having money. Todays world is so hustle and bustle and go, go, go. It just needs to slow way way down.

You literally cannot survive in todays world without money and I don’t mean that in the sense that its not possible to achieve physically or mentally but legally, you will find many issues and bumps in the road. Which is a shame because it is a huge dream of mine to regress a bit in time and become more self sufficient and live a more minimalistic lifestyle.

I believe in the barter system and the village code, if one is eating were all eating, working together as one. These were the days of what it truly meant to empower each other, now we all compete and knock each other down, were not lifting each other up anymore. This needs to change.

Todays way of life is so addicted to money in every way it is destroying us as a society, as communities, and as families. It is no joke when you hear the saying money is the root of all evil. You have to have money to make money, you have to have money to eat, to live, to survive, to learn, to have a home, even to cover the basic human necessities.

Our basic rights have been stripped away from us just so they can be sold back to us such as hunting and fishing.

Some states are now making it illegal to live off grid, own chickens, catch rain water, or even own a garden.

We the people are manipulated and taken advantage of everyday. This needs to stop.

Money dictates what we are worth, our status, our overall place in the world and honestly money is not a relevant factor in determining a persons worth to the world.

Maybe next there will be an off grid war where those wanting to break free of the corrupt system will need to up rise and protest there natural born rights to live off the land mother nature has provided for us and best believe I would be right there helping and fighting for those rights.

What are your thoughts and opinions about the requirement for money to live in todays world, off grid living, and minimalistic living?