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Shaking my head at our school system

A couple days ago I achieved something I would have never though possible or doable, I officially registered as a homeschool and am now operational. Next year I will begin the journey of homeschooling my two boys, it will be a big adjustment for all of us here in our household. An exciting and challenging journey I’m sure but well worth it in the end.

Our school system now days has really gone down the toilet. The most important thing to them is discipline, test scores, and conformity. It truly makes me sick to my stomach that our children are deprived of everyday civil and personal rights solely because they are under eighteen. They will be disciplined for defending themselves, they can be searched anytime at school without permission of the student or the parent, many basic rights are stripped away from our children. I cannot speak for all schools but the ones in my area now limit their ability to talk and be loud even during the times they are not doing class or classwork such as lunch.

Not but just a couple of months ago my oldest son was suspended, the school has a no tolerance policy so ultimately he was suspended for standing up for himself. There is this bigger kid at school that picks on him A LOT, my son had enough and decided to fight back as he was taught to do. My boys will be taught to fight back no matter who says what. In the real world there are laws in place for this, its called self defense. Our children are denied this in school now, I wonder if it has anything to do with the more recent violent outbursts in schools? Who knows, and that is just speculation but this is a real problem in our school system today.

The material taught to our children changes all the time. There is now a new way of doing simple math problems, history books have been revised too many times to count and there are zero true life skills taught in schools now. This is my personal opinion. I feel like I could teach my children so much more myself, they will of course learn all the basics that are required to function and succeed in life like reading and math, but also the extras that we all wished we were taught growing up.

I want to homeschool my children and take more of a leading role in what they learn and allowing them to become better versions of themselves and not who our system wants them to be. My children will have a hand in picking what they want to learn, I believe you learn best when you are interested in the subject at hand. It is important for my boys to know they can follow there own way instead of following the one that has been paved out for them.

What are you thoughts on the way out current school system is running?

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